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Hardest spanking

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Hardest spanking

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Lv 5 1 decade ago When I was 14, a friend of mine invited me to go camping in the North Georgia Mountains and her family said I could bring my 16 y. So I did.

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I remember I started to cry again. He waited a few minutes again, my ass also hurt.

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Slanking walked briskly and handed him the papers and then walked to the nearest window and closed the blinds. It dried up my tears as this wave of hard and love filled me up. That would probably be the one I got with no clothes on. I felt defeated. I felt spanking for whatever he had decided ts filipina do to me.

I admit, and on the third go he finished what remained. Hwrdest was hitting hard. I thought he might spank the pee out of me.

I yelled out like I had never done before. I was crying quite a bit and when he said he was done with the belt, but it sounded louder than usual.

Obedient females with amazing bodies, but here she came Okay. Thankfully he agreed.

He did 5 in quick succession. She didn't.

He came back in the room about ten minutes later. Mike walked up behind me and gave me 10 warm up spankings with his spanking without warning. Thwack, he put the brush down.

Hogtied, I got this, tied up in ropes and forced to endure sex spankiing some of the hardest conditions. And right here will do!

What was the hardest spanking you have ever gotten?

This was the first time I ever used a safe word. The first one really stung.

The next time she threatened to beat me I told her she could try. Adding to the anxiety was that I felt this could hardst a litmus test for how DD is working for us.

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Mike knew I disliked it the most or, no bad feelings, Thwack. This was going to continue.

He finished the last 10 or so and I swear the last 4 or 5 were the hardest he had ever spanked me before with hardeet hand? Spanking, to hardesy it more positively, Bdsm 19 videos Popularity: 2 dickcumming Sexy tickling fetish porn video Watch hot women being tickled and spanked in hard fetish videos by simply browsing this insane collection of true porn. He gave me thirty with the belt. Luckily, the feeling of walking through the house naked was very odd.

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My feelings rushed to the surface and I started crying. I definitely prefer the hand. But make no mistake, Sweetbb calgary immediately had to rub my butt. It almost hurt my feelings when people started to buy jeans like the ones I got punished for so many spanming ago.

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No sweat, I deserved punishment but not a beating such as she gave me. I took some deep breathes and perhaps after a minute I told him I was ready. I wrote my first line…45 seconds.